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Increase immunity naturally

How walking in the woods helps you fight viruses

Walking can often be overlooked as a form of exercise but there are many benefits to walking everyday or consistently. But what if I told you that if you shifted your scenery to the woods (in “nature”) you could trigger a mechanism in your body to fight viruses and boost your immunity system? Researchers in Japan have investigated forest bathing or “shinrinyoko” and found that people’s blood plasma had an increase in natural killer cells. Natural killer cells are part of your immunity system and help remove viruses from cells that invade your body and attack tumors. They found that by walking in nature for at least two hours total over a three day period (for example, you’d hike one hour on Monday and one hour on Wednesday) you will naturally raise your Natural Killer cells in your body and reduce stress. What makes this easy, naturally occurring phenomenon even better is that it raises your NK cells for the next 30 days! I make hiking a regular part of my fitness schedule and make sure to go to a park or reservoir twice every week. Do yourself a favor and go for a good hike a couple times this week and know that you’re helping your body fight the good fight.

If you'd like to learn more, one of the best personal training communities I belong too is the Certified Functional Strength Coach. They are are constantly adding quality articles and worth taking a look it. Here's a more detailed look at taking a walking in the woods.

If you'd like any help, guidance or coaching with getting more walks in nature, I'd be happy to help! I feel so much better when I do and it helps break up my day. I can feel it when I don't. Feel free to e-mail me a

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